Our Partnerships

Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)

We believe that partnership is important and it’s through this affiliation with the SBC that we are able to send out missionaries, train up pastors and better equip our church members. While we remain completely independent as a church, we have chosen to link arms with the SBC to have a greater ability to reach the nations with the good news of Jesus Christ. To learn more about the SBC check out – www.sbc.net

Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM)

 On the local level we are apart of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan. This provides our church with continued relationships to better help us as we move forward with our mission and vision. To learn more about BSCM check out – www.bscm.org

North American Mission Board (NAMB)

CrossPointe was originally a church plant and we want to continually be working to plant more churches in more cities throughout North America and abroad. We do this by partnering with the North American Mission Board to fund church planters and new churches. A portion of our monthly giving goes to NAMB in order to continue funding these new works.

International Missions Board (IMB)

Not only do we care about the gospel going forward here in Monroe but we also care about the Gospel going out into all of the earth. We partner together with the International Mission Board to raise up and send out those who are called into foreign missions. Every month a portion of our givig goes to the IMB to help send more missionaries to more places so that the “good news” can be heard by every person in every place and in every language. To learn more about the IMB check out – www.imb.org